Starting a new life in Maine.

My husband Joe and I recently moved to Portland, Maine after living in NYC for 20+ years. During the Covid 19 lockdown last year we came up to visit my mother in June and decided to come back for the month of August. We stayed through October. I just kept saying, “This could be our life.”

My mother said to her upstairs neighbors, “If you ever think about selling, let me know.” That got them thinking about selling. We bought it.

Now begins the fun part. Making this place our HOME.

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  • Apple Picking
    Joe’s parents are visiting for Columbus Day weekend and as soon as we picked them up at the airport, Big Joe said he wanted to have a good Macintosh apple.…More
  • Acadia Bar Harbor birthday extravaganza
    It’s a 3-hour drive from Portland to Bar Harbor. We had so much fun these past few days that I wish it was just a little closer. As soon as…More
  • Picnic at the Promenade
    Is it a picnic if you buy your lunch at a food truck? A beautiful day and so many food trucks to choose from made the Eastern Promenade very popular…More
  • It’s Official Now
    Although it’s harder to find our car in a parking lot now, having a Maine license plate makes me immeasurably happy.More
  • Where Has August Gone???
    We have had two sets of visitors from out of town, one museum date with a Mainer I want to know better, a trip to see the awesome trolls at…More
  • Trivia Tuesday and Sunset Wednesday
    The weather has been so fantastic here that all the things that need to be done around the house will have to wait. We have been going to a local…More
  • Vacation from Vacationland
    We spent the last week at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina. We are lucky to have friends who have a family house down here and we’ve been coming for the last…More
  • Misty Morning Bike Ride
    One of my favorite things about our new life is our bike rides. It’s so much prettier to ride around Portland than NYC (at least in our old neighborhood). It’s…More
  • Return of the Monkey
    We had the coolest monkey lamp in our Brooklyn apartment. It’s been a few weeks in our new place and we found an awesome professional ladder in the basement. We…More
  • The Saga of the Couch Resolved
    Stan from Bayside Furniture Repair came at 8:00 today to disassemble our couch which has been in the hallway for over a week and reassemble it inside. By 9:00 he…More

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